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5 People Who Should Have Dental Sealants

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Dental sealing is a treatment process in which a dentist applies a thin coat of plastic over the surfaces of the teeth. The sealant protects the teeth from erosion, wear, and bacterial attack. This helps decrease your risk of tooth decay. Although anyone can benefit from dental sealing treatment, some people can benefit more from it than others.
Here are five types of people who should not hesitate to receive dental sealings.
1. Children with Newly Erupted Teeth
Children whose teeth have just erupted are the best candidates for dental sealing. This may be advisable for those with baby teeth (especially high-risk teeth), but dental sealants are more necessary for those who have just received their permanent teeth. If you have such a child, then you should consider getting dental sealants for them before they can develop any cavities.
Two main reasons exist for why such kids are good candidates for dental sealing. First, children do not take as good care of their teeth as they should. Secondly, getting dental sealing at this age ensures that the teeth are protected before they can develop any damage.
2. Anyone With Deep Grooves on Their Teeth
Anyone with deep grooves or depressions on their teeth is a good candidate for dental sealing. Deep grooves and depressions on the teeth provide perfect places for bits of food and bacteria to collect. Secondly, these grooves and depressions are not easy to clean when brushing or flossing. Combine the two factors, and you have a high risk of tooth damage.
3. Those with Lifestyles That Promote Dental Problems
Some lifestyles cause a higher risk of dental diseases happening. For example, you have a high risk of developing dental problems if:
  • You or someone in your family smokes.
  • Most of your snacks contain lots of sugar or carbohydrates.
  • You usually go to bed late.
  • You have a poor diet.
If this sounds like your life, then you should change your lifestyle, get dental sealings, or do both. Otherwise, you will soon deal with bacteria on your teeth's enamel.
4. Those With a History of Dental Decay
Get dental sealings for your teeth if you have a history of dental decay. In this case, take care of the teeth that are not damaged so that they do not develop problems too. This makes sense because if you have already developed teeth damage, the same problems may come back and trigger further damage on undamaged teeth.
5. Those With Health Issues That Make Dental Hygiene Difficult
Lastly, you are also a good candidate for dental sealing if you have a medical condition that makes brushing or flossing your teeth difficult. Here are some of the situations where dental sealings are good to have:
  • Your arms were amputated due to an accident that damaged them beyond repair.
  • You have a full or partial paralysis that has affected your arms.
  • You have a mental condition that sometimes flares up, and you are unable to take care of your oral hygiene.
  • You have Alzheimer's disease that makes taking good care of your teeth difficult for you.
Now that you know what dental sealing is and whom it can benefit, decide whether you need the treatment or not. If you have any questions about whether you qualify, do not hesitate to ask your dentist.
At Universal Dental Center, we can give you the dental assessment you need to help you make a better decision. Contact us today for an appointment at the best opportunity for you. We are happy to answer your questions about this treatment and all other services we offer.