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Beyond Aesthetics: Why You Should Replace Lost Teeth

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Many people replace lost teeth because they don't like how their smiles look. What you might not know is that tooth replacement has many benefits beyond aesthetics. Below are some of the reasons you should replace your lost tooth as soon as possible.

Prevent Bone Loss

Your teeth make numerous contacts with each other every day. The contacts occur when you eat and talk, as well as every time you open and close your mouth. The contacts send signals to the bone on which your teeth grow. These signals stimulate bone growth and help your jawbones stay healthy and strong.
When you lose a tooth, you lose the contact and signals that the lost tooth would have provided. As a result, the bone with the lost tooth deteriorates, shrinks, and weakens with time. Once your bones deteriorate, your teeth will weaken, which means your teeth may fall off in case of an accident. Weak bones also cause difficulties with dental implant treatment.

Prevent Speech Difficulties

Speech is a function of various parts of the mouth. The teeth, lips, tongue, and even cheeks combine in different ways to produce various sounds. A loss or damage to any of these parts of the mouth may affect the way you speak.
For example, you press your tongue against the back of your teeth to make the "th" sound. You may have difficulty with the pronunciation if you lose your front teeth. Speech difficulties are not just a nuisance; the difficulties may also interfere with your job performance if your job requires perfect pronunciation of words (for example, if you are a voice coach or performance artist).

Prevent Dental Misalignment

Although your teeth look like they are immobile, they can move in a variety of situations. For example, your teeth may shift their positions if you get tooth decay, experience jawbone deterioration, suffer gum recession, or lose a tooth. In the case a lost tooth, the adjacent teeth may shift their positions and lean toward the space left by the lost tooth.
Once the adjacent teeth shift, other teeth may follow suit, and the domino effect may leave you with multiple teeth out of their regular positions. In the end, you may have crooked teeth and require orthodontic treatment even if you had straight teeth before losing your tooth.

Prevent Eating Difficulties

The position or type of teeth you lose determines whether you have difficulty with some foods. For example, you use the front teeth to bite into food, so you may face difficulties with foods that you need to bite into before you chew. You use the back teeth mainly to chew food, so you may have difficulty with chewy foods if you lose the back teeth.
Note that your inability to eat properly is not just a nuisance; the difficulties can affect your nutrition and health in the long run. For example, you may avoid certain foods or fail to chew your food properly if you have lost multiple teeth. Your digestion system may suffer if you don't chew food properly, and your body might not get all the nutrients it needs.

Prevent Additional Tooth Loss

Lastly, you might lose more teeth if you lose one but fail to replace it. The risk of further tooth loss arises because the teeth adjacent to the lost one may shift out of their positions and weaken. Don't forget that such teeth may also lose their alignment, and misaligned teeth tend to be weaker than those with proper alignment.
Contact Universal Dental Center if you have any dental problem. We can help you deal with the problem so that you don't lose your teeth. If you have lost a tooth, however, we can replace it for you so that you don't suffer the long-term consequences of tooth loss.